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Plastic Microbore pipes :

Plastic small bore central heating pipes are widely used in properties of all sizes. The most common type, is a grey colour, but they can also be white or red. Plastic pipes can and do block up, over time. It starts with just one radiator and then spreads to more and more. The system should be cleaned as soon as the first radiator stops working. It becomes harder and harder to clean the system, as more radiators block up.
What size is microbore/small bore pipes?
Measure the pipe that is feeding into the radiator. If it is about the thickness of a pencil or smaller, its microbore. Normal pipes are about the thickness of two pencils (held together) or bigger.
Does power flushing work?
On this type of pipes/system, it is rare for power flushing to clean the system effectively. That is because the sludge flakes are stuck in the small pipes and can resist water flowing at high speed (power flushing).
Why powder flush?
Unlike power flushing, we use solid dissolvable pellets of different sizes, in the water flow. They pump all the way down the pipes, crushing the flakes into smaller pieces, so that can then be removed with the water flow.

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