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Gas Engineers work referrals:

Bring in the specialist central heating system cleaners. With heating systems and boilers becoming more and more complicated, so does the solutions. Sometimes even the best plumbers/gas engineers will simply not have the solution for a client’s problems and yet you don’t want to lose the client to another company. It’s not always your fault, sometimes you simply do not have access to the technology, like POWDER FLUSHING. We specialise in very hard to clean systems and systems where power flushing has already failed. Our success rate is extremely high, so high that we can offer no-fix-no-fee deals (no-fix-no-fee prices are different from the ones quoted online). We only clean heating systems, we do not service or install boilers. We understand that your client is yours and we will not do any further work for them after our specialist cleaning work has been completed. We would simply refer them back to you. If you have a client with a problem you cannot fix and you think we could, we would be happy to pay you a commission, for every completed job you referred. The prices for your client will be the same ones on our website (unless they/you want no-fix-no-fee prices). Commissions are paid via BACS (wire transfer) on the day/next day of job completion. We can do residential/commercial work and flush hot/cold water circuits.

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